What They Forgot to Teach You About R

The stuff you need to know about R, besides statistical analysis.


Jennifer Bryan

Jim Hester

Shannon Pileggi

E. David Aja

What They Forgot to Teach You About R

The initial impetus for creating these materials is a two-day hands-on workshop. The target learner:

  • Has a moderate amount of R and RStudio experience.
  • Is largely self-taught.
  • Suspects they have drifted into some idiosyncratic habits that may slow them down or make their work products more brittle.
  • Is interested in (re)designing their R lifestyle, to be more effective and more self-sufficient.

The in-person workshops are still the primary delivery method for this content, but we’ve begun recording prose versions of this content, in order to make it more widely available and for participants to refer back to. Warning: these materials absolutely do not constitute a self-contained “book”, nor do they capture all workshop content.

We focus on building holistic and project-oriented workflows that address the most common sources of friction in data analysis, outside of doing the statistical analysis itself.


Upcoming and past offerings:

The workshops typically include substantial components that draw on other materials, such as:

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